Jam and chutney from excess fruit and vegetables

Laagte Kadijk 155
1018 ZD Amsterdam
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Potverdorie! makes chutney and jams with a delicious taste, from Dutch soil and for a fair price. The jars contain real seasonings that you can use to accompany either breakfast and afternoon drinks, because they are delicious with cheese. They can also be used as a base for a dressing, in a stew, or even, diluted with still or sparkling water as a really fruity soft drink.

About the maker

Charlotte Heine started her company in 2015 based on the belief that food is grown to be eaten and that even “ugly” harvests should be appreciated, provided they are tasty of course. With her culinary, creative approach and her thinking from possibilities, she creates the most delicious flavors in the kitchen.

The productionprocess & sustainability 

All products from Potverdorie! are made with the greatest care and attention and are all provided with natural ingredients and pure fruit. Everything is strictly selected, anything that is not good or tasty is not included. To achieve a good taste balance, Potverdorie! uses herbs and spices; much less sugar is needed, all the flavor ends up directly in the jars: 70% delicious ripe picked fruit.

Potverdorie! works with local Dutch growers who receive a fair price for their harvest that they do not sell to the regular market due to its dent or unusual shape. As much waste as possible is separated during production. For example, after delivery they take the cardboard packaging back for reuse. Empty boxes from De Kweker are used to send packages. In this way Potverdorie! Intents to work as sustainably and circularly as possible on all fronts.

Yummy! Where can I buy this?
Potverdorie! supplies jars directly to delicacy and specialty stores in the Netherlands. You can get hold of all these delicious items via the webshop potverdorie.nl. A sample package is available for home chefs to try out all the flavors. Professional kitchens and catering can contact Charlotte Heine, info@potverdorie.nl. You can find an overview of the stores where Potverdorie! is sold at potverdorie.nl