Become a sponsor and give back to the city

Companies that have become successful in Amsterdam can give back to the city via Amsterdam Made. With a monthly contribution they structurally support the manufacturing sector. They therefore make it possible for smaller/starting local makers, who cannot (yet) pay the Amsterdam Made membership fee, to gain exposure via Amsterdam Made. With a contribution starting at €87,- per month a sponsor can already help three local makers!

These companies that would like to support local makers will become official sponsors of Amsterdam Made. This way they emphasize their authenticity and take responsibility. They even get something in return, including their own page on the Amsterdam Made website and an invitation to the annual sponsor lunch.

Interested and/or got any questions? We would be happy to send you more information without obligation.
Email us at

“We became successful in this city. It was time to give back.” – Oos Kesbeke

“We want to support local makers and contribute to extra exposure for the small manufacturing industry in the Amsterdam region.” – Menno, Preciosa

“Amsterdam has become great because of these kinds of businesses. That is part of the city’s identity. Together with Amsterdam Made, we are happy to work on maintaining this piece of the city’s DNA.” – Patrick, Breugem Beer