Quality mark

The Amsterdam Made & Locally Made quality marks are quality labels for locally produced and sustainable products. Products that carry the quality mark are produced within the Netherlands and are made with locally sourced ingredients and materials as much as possible.

De products have been tested against our requirements by a jury of seven experts and assessed on our core values of sustainability, creativity or craftsmanship.

Amsterdam Made quality mark
The Amsterdam Made quality mark was developed at the request of the municipality of Amsterdam with the aim of stimulating the growth and sustainability of the local manufacturing industry in this region. In November 2015, the first quality marks were awarded by Kajsa Ollongren to, among others, Brouwerij ‘t IJ, Kesbeke, Brandt & Levi and Roetz-Bikes.

Locally Made quality mark
The Locally Made quality mark was developed in 2023 to continue the positive impact of Amsterdam Made in the rest of the Netherlands. With this we want to strengthen and renew the local economy in other regions. From our homebase in Amsterdam we are expanding step by step to other cities.

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"The quality mark is an excellent way for local entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves in a vibrant metropolis like Amsterdam." - Slagerij Woorts