I amsterdam Store

For visitors and residents

I Amsterdam

The I amsterdam Store located in Central Station is the place for everyone who wants to know what there is to do in the capital and wants to be inspired by the best that Amsterdam has to offer. Discover unique products from local makers and be informed about the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

Voor bezoekers en bewoners

The I amsterdam Store is a store for both visitors and Amsterdam residents, with the best Amsterdam products from local makers and souvenirs. It is more than just a store: the I amsterdam Store is also an information point where you can find out everything about Amsterdam and the region through personal advice, excursions, boat trips, maps and guides, tickets for public transport and events in Amsterdam. They also provide an I amsterdam City Card.


The store is divided according to different mindsets: “Made in Amsterdam” with local products and gifts with their own story. “Bites from the City” with local delicacies such as the beloved Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate. ”I am this City” with cool items that you can wear yourself and thus show that you are proud of the city. The mindset “Hip & Happening” represents a beautiful memory of an event or festival you have attended. At ”Into the Wild” you will find a beautiful backpack or poncho to explore the city with. ”Looking for Something” with which you always have a nice souvenir for home, a key ring or a magnet for the refrigerator. ”Mirror, Mirror” a beautiful piece of jewellery that you can buy for yourself or take with you as a gift for a loved one, of course from Amsterdam. As a final mindset we have “City Plans and Ideas”, useful tools to quickly explore the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, because there is so much to see in a short time.