Margriet Meijer

Coach for creative entrepreneurs

Margriet Meijer
Margriet Meijer is an ambitious maker, has been an entrepreneur since she was fifteen, and has been living her passion full-time since 2012. In addition to her successful company Monsak, she helps other entrepreneurs grow organically towards:

✔️ more self-confidence
✔️ more (self) appreciation
✔️ more dream clients
✔️ more authentic visibility
✔️ more time for creating
✔️ more turnover

With Margriet you can broaden your knowledge & increase your self-confidence as a maker in various ways.

In-person day for Creative Entrepreneurs | In this accessible training in her studio, you will work with fellow makers on your message, offer and marketing strategy.

Online Makerpreneur training | In this in-depth online training, Margriet will teach you how to build a strong brand, allowing you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Her success formula makes marketing surprisingly easy.

1:1 coaching | Want a second opinion? Margriet is happy to personally guide you with your ambitious plans.

Margriet also hosts the podcast Gouwe Klauwe about creativity and makership and regularly writes blogs about marketing for makers. Visit Margriet Meijer’s website for detailed information about Margriet and her complete range of offers.