For brands that want to grow


Under the name THE BRND SHOP, Marc van Wageningen helps mission-driven brands with their brand positioning, brand identity, concept development and creating campaigns and content.

Marc is an enthusiastic strategic concept thinker with almost 25 years of experience in the advertising world. After a career as an art director and creative director at large advertising agencies in Amsterdam, he worked as a freelancer for many different clients for more than 10 years. Now, with THE BRND SHOP, he uses his knowledge and creativity for mission-driven brands that want to make the world a little more beautiful, fun, social and sustainable. Based on the ambition to jointly create a strong(er) brand that can be shared consistently with both people internally and with people outside.

“All makers have their own story. I help makers translate this story into a sharp brand positioning, powerful brand identity (branding), striking advertising campaigns and valuable content. This ensures that we make the brand recognisable, distinctive and, if possible, popular.”

THE BRND SHOP can be used for:

• Brand positioning

• Branding

• Concept development

• Campaigns

• Content

• Brand activations