Partner up with Amsterdam Made

Amsterdam Made increases its reach and and impact by creating strong relationships with its local partners. These are companies that pay attention to sustainability and offer a service that is interesting for local makers. Amsterdam Made tells the story of these partners and gives them access to its network.

A sustainable communications agency, an electric city courier, a social sewing workshop, a green printing company; our makers regularly work with these types of partners. They want to be able to rely on that party and preferably to have the same kind of vision as they do. We establish these valuable collaborations.

Each partner gets its own page on the Amsterdam Made website with an appealing story about the services it offers. The partner is brought to the attention of all makers in the Amsterdam Made newsletter. Amsterdam Made shares the partner’s story and offer and gives it exposure within the network. The partner has the opportunity to gain valuable relationships from this.

Companies that have become successful in Amsterdam or companies that have placed a burden on the region can also collaborate with Amsterdam Made. They can take responsibility and give back to the city via Amsterdam Made. The company will then become an official sponsor of Amsterdam Made. Read more about the sponsorship here.

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