Candles with a story

Dippys are colorful candles that are made in social work centers in the Netherlands, by valuable people with intellectual disabilities.

About Dippy

Dippy was founded in 2020 to make a positive contribution to the world. Every Dippy is handmade with enormous care, pleasure and love by people with intellectual disabilities. This is done in collaboration with various social employment centers in the Netherlands. In this way, the candles are not only intended to put a smile on everyone’s face, but Dippys also makes a human contribution by ensuring that people with intellectual disabilities truly feel valued.

How it works

Dippy is a unique social membership in which you receive three colorful candles every month. First you choose which subscription you want to go for which is followed up the first delivery to your home. You will receive surprising new colors every time! Shops, companies and other organizations that would like to purchase Dippys can visit Dippy’s special B2B shop.

Are you interested? With the discount code LOCALLYMADE10, everyone who makes a purchase through Locally Made receives a 10% discount. This applies to both the memberships and the B2B webshop.

'Happiness, inclusivity and social involvement for everyone.'