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Hans Neijts


Goochem Design makes high-quality wooden toy cars and interior accessories, made from solid Amsterdam Stadshout. For wood lovers, quality and original products.

The production process

The entire production process takes place in their own workshop in Amsterdam Oud-West. It all starts on the drawing board. Founder Hans Neijts: “We design the products ourselves, sometimes in collaboration with another designer. To maintain the best quality, we make prototypes that we test and adjust until the desired end product is achieved.”


Goochem Design products are made with raw materials that are fully recyclable, with respect for people and the environment. The end result meets all requirements and lasts a lifetime. This makes these the most sustainable products you could wish for.

Local raw materials are used as much as possible. For example, the wood used comes from Stadshout, a foundation that gives trees from Amsterdam a second life. The residual pieces of this wood, from many different types of wood from the city, are processed by Goochem Design. The company is also one of the first to use water-based lacquers, although most products are not lacquered. There is hardly any waste; the sawdust is also reused. Finally, the products are sold in local stores. Part of the proceeds is invested in planting new trees. This is done, among other things, through Treesforall.

In addition to the fixed products, Goochem Design also provides customized solutions for schools and companies. Want to know more? Go to their website.

'These are the most sustainable products you could wish for.'

Hans Neijts