From, by, for Amsterdam


The Stadshout foundation is an excellent sustainable organisation that gives wood from Amsterdam a new purpose. Wood from trees and plants, which, without the intervention of a passionate furniture maker, would be disposed of as waste to be used as fuel. Crisow von Schulz regularly observed with surprise and disappointment as high-quality wood from Amsterdam ended up in the garbage, while teak wood in the Netherlands is more expensive than a teak table from Indonesia. Stadshout was founded with the desire to combat this waste.

Amsterdamse entrepeneurs

Since 2010, Stadshout has supplied sawn and dried wood to various Amsterdam companies and workshops – such as the design agency Waarmakers – in addition to working together with the municipality to make beautiful products for the city. For example, in Sarphatipark there are oak benches that were produced in collaboration with local residents, similarly in Amstelpark a beautiful pavilion made of elm wood has been set up together with the architectural firm Florian Eckhardt. The Stadshout sawmill is also located in the Amstelpark, which can be visited monthly.

One of Stadshout’s most important principles is reducing transport and CO2 emissions. By working together with the municipality and with green companies that cut down the trees, wood from the street can be used instead of having to be imported from Asia. Transport distances and CO2 emissions are therefore minimal. By breathing new life into Amsterdam wood, the foundation also stimulates the circular economy and less wood is wasted.

Workshops and training

In addition to transforming Amsterdam trees, Stadshout regularly provides workshops and training to students, companies and local residents who are interested in woodworking and want to do this in a sustainable way. For the Church and Neighborhood Foundation, meditation stools have been made by drug addicts and homeless people for the Nassau Church under the guidance of furniture makers from Stadshout, as well as providing  lessons to children on a regular basis.

Stadshout Shop

In their shop on the Tweede Jan van der Heijdenstraat, Stadshout sells a number of beautiful products made from Amsterdam wood, such as bicycle crates made of poplar, lime or discs as well as birdhouses and furniture made from different tree species.