Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis

Handmade soaps

Piotr Gierek


Het Amsterdamse Zeep Huis originated from the appreciation for the urban beauty of Amsterdam. The unique shapes of the city are a direct source of inspiration for the soaps.

About the maker 
Piotr Gierek is an architect from Poland and has lived in Amsterdam since 2013. “Life as an expat always made me think about the perfect gift for my friends and family in Poland. I wanted to create something myself that would not clutter their space, would be characterized by its beautiful character, bring a piece of Amsterdam to their home and above all would be functional. I thought about my hobby, soap making, and my passion for design, art and architecture. That’s how I started making these soaps.”

The production process & sustainability 

After a long research process in which the scents, colours and textures of the soaps were determined, Piotr developed the soap formula and the production process. This was then tested and registered with external specialists. All soaps from Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis are handmade and packaged in a small studio in Amsterdam.

Sustainability lies in the use of recyclable materials, eliminating plastic packaging and local production. In addition, it is special that this is a consumable item that literally dissolves and therefore does not create unnecessary waste.

The products

Each soap is inspired by the experience of a friend or family member of Piotr who lives in Amsterdam. Discover the stories behind each of the scents in the stories section of Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis. The collection currently contains 6 soap designs: Orange and Cinnamon, Wild Rose, Chamomile, Bamboo and Charcoal, Cucumber and Aloe and Almond. You can get the soaps in sets of 3 or 6. Choose your favourite, or go for a mix!

I wanted to create something that would bring a piece of Amsterdam to their home.'

Piotr Gierek