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Annette Gorny


Juwelig jewellery is sustainably handmade in unique designs or limited series. The designs are a mix of cool and refined, contemporary and classic, from basic to stylishly chic, powerful & quirky. Quality and sustainability come first.

About the maker 

For Annette Gorny, goldsmithing started in 2000 through a goldsmithing course. Her passion for creating grew into her own studio and shop in Amsterdam’s Czaar Peterstraat in 2007 (2007-2017). There, she designed, sold and repaired many pieces of jewellery, until she transferred the retail space to a fellow goldsmith in 2017. Since then, Annette has been designing and creating her jewellery from her home studio in the Eastern Docklands.

Travel and nature are a great source of inspiration for Annette. “This could be the movement of the sea, a beautiful flower, a shell brought from a distant beach, the treasures of the Earth in the form of a gemstone, a memory. Every piece of jewellery has a story in it.”

The making process

The design and production process is diverse. Sometimes Annette sketches or draws before she starts, often she just gets to work and the piece of jewellery takes shape during the making process. She often does this first in silver or argentium935. If she already has a clear picture of the piece of jewellery, sometimes immediately in gold. After a first version, a mould is also made of some jewellery so that it can be cast in gold, for example. This saves valuable material and time and can also serve as a basis for a new version.


Juwelig’s jewellery is produced with materials from suppliers who conduct responsible business practices. More than 99% of their gold and silver comes from recycling.

Annette: “In the Netherlands, almost 100% of the demand for gold and silver can be met through recycling. Recycled gold and silver is available in many forms and semi-finished products. The circle from recycling to delivery of precious metal or partial product under good working conditions to Our EU standards with a relatively lower CO2 footprint and a significantly more favourable price compared to fairmined are therefore guaranteed. For me, these are important social and economic responsibilities towards customers and mineral resources. In addition, all remains of gold, up to sawdust, and argentium935 silver also reused in my own studio.”

Annette Gorny