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Adolf van Nassaustraat 2-8
1055 RP Amsterdam
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Oos Kesbeke


Kesbeke has been making the tastiest pickles in the Netherlands since 1948!

About the makers

It started in 1948 in a cellar in the heart of Amsterdam, on Waterlooplein. There, the first gherkins and onions were washed, pickled and pasteurized in glass jars by Charles Kesbeke – founder of the company. When his son Camiel took over the business, the company’s growth was inevitable. He provided the incentive to expand the company. Now, an additional Kesbeke has been introduced and placed in charge: Oos, son of Camiel, the ‘director with heart’ as he is called. Oos’ door is always open to everyone. As far as he is concerned, the employees are family. That’s how it was with Camiel (‘Kes’, as he was called) and that’s how it is today with Oos.


The production process & Sustainability 

Everything is made with care in our own Kesbeke factory in Amsterdam. Take our pickles: they are picked by hand, wiped clean, bathed, dried, pampered with special herbs and spices and finally put into a fresh jar with attention and care. Carefully, by hand, so that they retain their beautiful shape. Then they can also rest for a while, for that real Kesbeke taste.

The factory is extremely flexible and capable of producing both small pots and large packages. Kesbeke believes in the power of locally produced, sustainable and fair food. This means that only products are processed whose origin and freshness are guaranteed. The raw materials for fine pickles are vulnerable natural products that are grown and harvested with great care and attention. With this vision they try to make the most beautiful and tastiest products. In addition, Kesbeke is at the forefront when it comes to developing new pickles variations.


Oos Kesbeke