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Saskia Nooij


Kiwi keeps things cool… with wine coolers made of Dutch sheepskin! Kywie makes coolers and thermos flasks (in one) for all conceivable drinks. The applications range from champagne and wine to water bottles, cups, glasses, cans and baby bottles.

About the maker 

Saskia Nooij acquired her knowledge about fur and its simulating effect at home. “My grandfather had a fur shop in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam until the early 1980s. I learned a lot from this, including one of the most important factors on which Kywie is based: sheepskin keeps warm warm, and cold what should stay cold – cold!” After more than 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Saskia decided to combine her background and knowledge and create Kywie.

Production process & Sustainability

Saskia has the ambition to introduce every Dutch person to Kywie and then conquer Europe. Kywie strives to keep its ecological footprint as low as possible. Sustainability is important to Kywie. This is reflected in both the materials used and the use of the product. Texel sheepskin is a Dutch raw material. The tanning is carried out in accordance with strict Dutch regulations. The wool inside keeps the drink at the right temperature, replacing unnecessary cooling elements and avoiding taking a bottle of wine in and out of the refrigerator. This saves energy for both the refrigerator and the consumer!

Amsterdam is the birthplace of Saskia’s grandfather, her parents and herself. ‘This is the inspiring place where everything originated and from where the company is managed. The sheepskin is processed locally and stitched together in accordance with Kywie’s design. All this is done close to Amsterdam.’

'Sheepskin keeps warm warm, and cold what should stay cold-cold'

Saskia Nooij