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Mio sieraden
Haarlemmerstraat 40
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Myrna & Jeroen


Myrna and Jeroen met at the Vocational School for Goldsmiths. That is where the love for each other and for the craftsmanship arose. Because they also wanted to focus on jewellery design, they also attended the Design Study in Schoonhoven for another year. In 2002 they had the unique opportunity to take over the shop and studio of Jeroen’s old internship company, in Amsterdam’s cozy Haarlemmerstraat. Being able to make their jewellery in full view of the customer and immediately display it in the store seemed like the perfect combination! They have now been working happily from this nice and cozy place for years.

The production process

Mio’s jewellery is created in different ways, but always starts with a large quantity of sketches. In some cases Myra and Jeroen create these on the computer. The jewellery is then made by hand in the studio. At the back of the store is the workbench where most jewellery is designed and manufactured.


Knowing that their profession in itself is not very sustainable, Myrna and Jeroen attempt to change this as much as possible. That is why they have been working with Fairmined gold and recycled gold for years. They offer the customer a choice. Fairmined is a certification body that supports small-scale mining and focuses on environmental protection and the social development of miners. Unlike other mines, Fairmined certified mines receive a surcharge for their gold. This allowance is used for the development of the community where the miners live.

Myrna and Jeroen are also proud of the fact that they use ‘Labgrown’ diamonds, also known as ‘synthetic diamonds’, in their jewellery. A synthetic diamond is a real diamond, made in a laboratory. In timeless white, or rarely coloured. It is a conscious, responsible and contemporary choice.

In addition, melting down old jewellery into beautiful new jewellery is something they do frequently at Mio. Sustainable, but also very special because of the emotional aspect that often plays a role.

Myrna & Jeroen