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Thomas Suboro


At Suboro you will find the first legitimate caramel sauce in the Netherlands. The name Suboro is a blend of the three main ingredients: sugar, butter and cream. Suboro effortlessly transforms ice cream, pancakes, yogurt, fruit or another favorite into a next-level treat.

About the maker

Thomas Rameckers has a background as a chef, food technologist and is interested in everything that has to do with food. For Suboro he was inspired by Scandinavia where caramel sauce is a ‘normal’ product that is eaten on everything. “When I ate an ice cream for the first time in Stockholm a few years ago with a tube of caramel sauce next to me, I wondered: why don’t we have this in the Netherlands, while we are so known for our pasture shelves and dairy products?” Thomas started recipe development in 2022 – he believes that the taste mainly comes from the quality of the ingredients. From late 2023 onwards, all of the Netherlands can enjoy Suboro.

Production process & Sustainability

At Suboro they are proud and transparent about their ingredient choices. Taste, quality and minimal environmental impact are paramount. They work with organic farmers who supply the dairy. The butter and milk come from the Weerribben area and the cream from a farm just across the border near Enschede. On the other hand, a conscious choice is made to use non-organic sugar, because most of it is imported from Asia.

All sauces are produced by hand in Amstelveen. There is also a collaboration with Pantar for labeling the bottles. All bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Our favourite quote of a fan during a tasting:

'I didn't know I needed this, until now.'

Thomas Suboro