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Bas & Seger


Bas and Seger, owners of restaurant Sjefietshe in Amsterdam, saw the success that spicy honey had in the USA. They thought it was time to make their own product and bring this taste sensation to Europe. Sweet Heat hot honey is a spicy honey, consisting of 90% honey and 10% peppers.

The production processĀ 

The hot honey is made from flower honey and a mix of hot peppers. The honey is purchased from the De Werkbij sheltered workshop. Fresh peppers are grinded into a paste which is then stirred into the honey at a low temperature for a while. Eventually, everything is then filtered and the bottles can be filled. The filtered pepper paste that is left is made into a sambal, which means zero-waste.

The products

Sweet Heat has developed 3 products:

  • The original ‘Hot Honey’, heat level 4/10.
  • The ‘Extra Hot Honey’, same ingredients, but spicier. Heat level 6/10.
  • The ‘Hot Honey Sambal’. This sambal is made from the peppers that are used to extract the honey. A hot sambal that starts a bit sweet.

The Sweet Heat products are the perfect addition to your pizza, hamburger, barbecue, fried chicken, tofu, taco, grilled vegetables or your ribs. Extra tip from the makers: in your cocktails or on your soft ice cream!

'When we say hot... You say honey!'

Bas & Seger