Conor Vella

Still Life Photography

Conor Vella
Conor Vella is a photographer specialising in still life who loves to accentuate texture with vivid light. A graduate of the Fine Print department at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Conor’s energetic, detail-oriented nature and playful character brings products of all kinds to life, and to the world.

Conor has shot commercial product photos for brands like Keune Cosmetics, Philips, Ring, Samsung, Two Chefs Brewing and more. He especially enjoys working with creative entrepreneurs, makers and artists, photographing brand new, super-secret products or precious, one-off art pieces that are delicate and irreplaceable. More than just a photographer, he is an artist, builder and maker. His sets are a self-contained world where ideas come alive, light makes magic, and everything is possible. “Since I was very little, I’ve watched people, especially my father, make things. I was eager to get my hands dirty and physically help, but for the longest time, I watched,” he says. “Now I find that all the little skills that I picked up and developed over the years constantly come in handy on set.”

In his personal art practice, Conor experiments with plastic waste as a medium. He has produced three international solo exhibitions featuring his own fine art photography: Plasticity, Solamente, and Hooked.

Conor’s creative process revolves around watching, imagining and practicing. Inspired by the words of David LaChapelle, “Always remember as an artist you can create whatever you want at any moment,” he’s ready to get to the next level and share his creativity with the world.

If you have a product to shoot, an idea to realize, or an obscure piece of Star Trek trivia to share, Conor would be happy to hear it