The platform for entrepreneurs who want to grow independently


CrowdAboutNow helps entrepreneurs that have social hearts and great products to finance their plans together with customers, fans, partners and form other relationships. Because financing with an involved community means retaining customers, maintaining your independence, determining your own terms and conditions and working on your brand and visibility. CrowdAboutNow guides you throughout the entire process: from preparation to a successful campaign!

More than financing

Do you want to grow, start or change? Through CrowdAboutNow you can finance your plans while strengthening and expanding your network. This way you will not only be guaranteed financing, but also regular and committed customers who will recommend your product to friends and family. The best advertising there is! In addition, a crowdfunding campaign is the moment to draw attention to the story behind your product. With unique promotions, the CrowdAboutNow team works with you to ensure media attention and (local) brand awareness of your product.

How does it work?

On the CrowdAboutNow platform you launch your crowdfunding to raise financing. Your existing and new network can invest in your plans through your own campaign page. You will be personally guided by one of the experienced campaign managers and you will have access to all their knowledge and tips to make your campaign a success. To reach a new audience, your company is brought to the media’s attention as well as the CrowdAboutNow investor community. CrowdAboutNow also takes care of the administration and ensures that everything runs according to the laws and regulations. This way you only have to focus on what you are good at.

Curious if crowdfunding is a good fit for you?

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We work a lot for entrepreneurs in retail, food, catering and healthcare, but more and more innovative companies and organisations with a social function are also finding us.