De Kweker

Wholesale in food

High-quality, honest food

The food wholesaler De Kweker is one of the oldest wholesalers in Amsterdam, a family business that was founded in 1949 under the name P. Vroegop en Zonen. From the beginning, De Kweker has focused on supplying high-quality and honest food to a diverse range of shops, caterers, restaurants and hotels in and around Amsterdam.

Today, customers such as De Bijenkorf, Concertgebouw and Brouwerij de Prael are able to choose from more than 28,000 products – from fresh meat, fish and bread prepared and made by De Kweker, to A-brands and original products that distinguish themselves in taste and quality.

Specialist with a love for local

By focusing exclusively on food services and retailers, the company remains small and agile enough to be innovative. New trends in the food sector, such as the increased popularity of sustainable and local products, are being grasped and developed with both hands. For example, De Kweker has a wide range of organic products and is selling more and more products from Amsterdam.

The goal is to support small and local makers by making their products increasingly visible. In particular, increased sales at restaurants, which can have a huge impact on a product’s awareness, can have a positive impact on broader sales. The Amsterdam makers Kesbeke, Oedipus and Chocolatemakers, among others, now reach a larger sales market without having to worry about increased distribution. This way they can focus more on making, the brand, and personal contact with customers.

A sustainable company

De Kweker has also become increasingly more sustainable in recent years. The dozens of trucks that leave Jan van Galenstraat for customers are all being replaced by electric alternatives. All leftover food also goes to the Food Bank, to provide healthy and varied food to people who don’t have it. In addition, the wholesaler is very socially involved and has been working with the work-training company Cordaan for years.