De Openbare Werkplaats

A fully equipped workshop

The Public Workplace

Amsterdam is full of creative makers such as independent professionals, designers, hobbyists and artists. Unfortunately, many of them do not (yet) have their own workshop. If they want to manufacture, design or make something that requires temporary, large or expensive machines – such as a prototype or a restoration object – they can go to the Public Workshop.

Since 2013, the Public Workshop has been the place for anyone who wants to work independently with wood or metal and does not have access to professional machines. Unlike other workshops, you do not have to pay monthly rent to use the workshop, but you can rent a workplace per day, including the use of wood and metal processing machines. The highly skilled owners are always there for you if you need help or advice when using a machine or selecting materials.

The Public Workshop also offers guidance and various courses so that you can safely gain more skills and get even more out of yourself and the machines. It is also possible to organise company outings, management/leadership training and workshops here. The workshop has a canteen, free WIFI and parking.

Founders Remco and Stijn say: “The best thing is that we have created a place where many different creative people come with all the beautiful, crazy and unique ideas and the beautiful things they make. It is inspiring for everyone who comes here and it also strengthens each other.”

Image: Koosje Koolbergen