Drukkerij de Bij

The greenest printing company

Drukkerij de Bij

At Drukkerij de Bij they aim for minimal environmental impact in everything they do; in the printing process and in business operations. All productions are custom made and are produced on FSC paper, recycled paper or paper from alternative raw materials.

For example, De Bij has had a unique tree-free type of paper produced in-house. It consists of 100% straw and roadside grass. This TreeFree paper has a beautiful, durable appearance and is very suitable for printing and printing work. Getting paper without using trees! This paper is, for example, a good choice if you want to make distinctive packaging that must be immediately clear that it is a sustainable production. So no recycling symbol that tells you that it is sustainable cardboard, but that you immediately recognise this unconsciously.

If you know exactly what you want, you can technically go to any printing company. But what distinguishes Drukkerij de Bij is their attention to think with you and think beyond. Being curious; what does someone make? Who are the customers? At de Bij they can provide you with good guidance as a maker and help you create suitable printed matter that supports your product. In the inspiration room you will see different types of materials and experience the appearance they give and the effect on the recipient of the printed matter. At the printing company they like to think about how the product can be made better or more beautiful, but also how it remains affordable without losing its value.

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