MKB Amsterdam

Commits to a better business climate

MKB Amsterdam

MKB Amsterdam constantly converses with the government and politicians on ways to improve the business climate. In the city, region and also nationally when necessary. In addition to advocacy, they offer their members a (business) network. We organise meetings and provide their members with useful tools and the latest relevant developments in the world of entrepreneurs.

MKB-Amsterdam is committed to a better business climate. They do this through two important core activities; advocacy and organisation of inspiring events and activities for SMEs.

1: Advocacy: They gather input from their members, partners and stakeholders and translate this into a manifesto. They bring this entrepreneurial voice to the attention of public administration and politics nationally, regionally, but especially locally. The voice of MKB-Amsterdam ensures a stronger competitive position and a healthy business climate.

2: Activities and events: As a member of SME you have access to a large business network of like-minded entrepreneurs, whom you can meet during their various meetings or in the SME Community. MKB-Amsterdam can mean a lot to you as an SME.

MKB-Amsterdam is there for you and all other entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. Together they work hard to put entrepreneurial issues on the political agenda, to participate in discussions and (when necessary) to voice their opposition. They inspire entrepreneurs to grow. Stand up for your entrepreneurial interests and become a member of MKB-Amsterdam!