Social development company in Greater Amsterdam


As a work-training company, Pantar helps people distanced from the labor market to develop and optimally use their talents and labor potential. This concerns employees who have a physical, mental or psychological disability, or those with problems or a current or  past struggle with addiction. Whatever the reason may be, Pantar is convinced that everyone has value and can work.

Pantar works in and around Amsterdam and Diemen at many different companies and organisations. Such as in Aalsmeer, where a group of employees work on plant cuttings. The employees can maintain greenery in the neighbourhoods, deliver mail to IJburg and fill shelves at supermarkets. Pantar also works at its own locations in studios and workshops and offers services such as transport and digitisation.

Everyone has a value in the labor market. Engaging in cooperation increases the pride and self-esteem of these employees distanced from the labor market, and reduces economic and social costs. It is also possible to use them successfully, as everyone has talents that are valuable on the labor market. The trick is to develop their talents and maximise their use to create added value for themselves, for clients and for society.

Pantar has years of experience in guiding employees at employers, taking their options into account. Employees develop further during work. They receive the training and education they need. Pantar sees (new) opportunities in people and connects them with (always new) opportunities on the labor market.