Amsterdam Made sponsor

FEBO is one of Amsterdam Made’s sponsors and thus helps smaller makers in the region, who are currently in the same position where FEBO once started.

“FEBO supports local makers from Amsterdam through Amsterdam Made because they supply high-quality, artisanal products and strengthen the local economy. By working together with these local makers, FEBO supports sustainability and stimulates the growth of local businesses.”

FEBO, founded in 1941 under the name Bakkerij FEBO and later renamed as Maison FEBO, is the company of pastry chef Johan Izaäk de Borst. In addition to artisan bread and other delicacies, Johan de Borst delved into making a snack: the croquette. The demand for his freshly made croquette was so great that he stopped the pastry shop in 1960 and continued with a vending machine where he sold croquettes and other fresh snacks. Today, FEBO has more than 75 branches led by the third generation, Dennis de Borst.

Good entrepreneurship is in FEBO’s DNA. This also includes consciously interacting with your environment and relationships. FEBO believes in Dutch products and local suppliers; why bring it from far when it also lives and grows nearby? To FEBO, quality comes first, they make no compromises. FEBO uses 100% Dutch beef, supplied for over 50 years by the same supplier near Amsterdam and, like FEBO, a family business. The beef comes from cows that graze in the meadows of Abcoude. All snacks are still prepared fresh every morning according to an authentic recipe and are available in the branches the same day.

The best tips for starting makers from Dennis de Borst: “For starting companies in the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to invest in quality and innovation from day one. Build strong and long-term relationships with reliable suppliers and continuously respond to the changing needs of the market. This lays the foundation for sustainable growth and success.”

FEBO’s motto: “Making the tastiest banquet accessible to everyone!”