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Ninekarat is the younger sister brand of Nadine Kieft Jewellery. The jewellery is made in our own studio in Amsterdam from 9 carat recycled gold. Ninekarat wants to empower you to follow your heart, to not dim your light yourself and make yourself heard. The jewellery is like an amulet to help you remember to always look for your inner spark.

About the maker 

Nadine Kieft once started as a goldsmith from her living room. This has now been developed into a brand: Nadine Kieft Jewellery. Nadine runs her studio in Amsterdam in an old school building, where she also employs five people. In October 2022, she started her second brand, Ninekarat. “I want to make my jewellery accessible to a larger audience, as 9 carat is cheaper than 14 carat gold,” says Nadine.

“I also think it is important to give Ninekarat exposure as a brand that wants to empower. Jewellery can be an anchor, a talisman. With Ninekarat I want to contribute to a positive self-image. You are already good just the way you are. Sometimes you have to all you have to do is find that spark that ignites your inner fire.”

The production process

Ninekarat by Nadine jewellery is made in the studio in Amsterdam. “We choose to produce locally. That is not the cheapest, but it is very sustainable. We also want to deliver the best quality and that is only possible if we are on top of it ourselves.” The jewellery models are first made in wax and then cast by a precious metal foundry. After casting, Nadine’s team finishes the jewellery. “We make them to size, solder and polish them and set stones in them. The residual material is collected and we use it to make plate and wire. The gold that we and the foundry work with is recycled.”

About 9 karaat gold

9 carat gold consists of 37.5% pure gold. The rest is additional, such as silver and copper. Because it is solid 9 carat and therefore not gold plated, the color cannot wear off. The color of Ninekarat’s 9 carat jewellery is almost indistinguishable from 14 carat yellow gold.

Nadine Kieft